Senior Paper Packaging Machinery Mfg. Co.


Bagmac Senior 1-B With Four Colour Flexo Printing Attachment

Paper Bag Making Machine Model BAGMAC Senior 1-III with FourColour Online PrintingSize of paper bags: Width 7 cm to 35 cm, length 15 cm to 60 cm,Side / bottom gussete 5 cm to 12 cm.GSM of paper (Range): 30 to 140BF of paper (Range): 14 to 35Paper roll width Maximum: 88cmProduction per hour: 12000Flexo Printing Attachment: Four colour (Online flexo printingattachment)Drive Motor: 5 HP ( SIEMENS )Standard Accessories of FOUR Colour Flexo Printing Machinery1) 5Nos. of different sizes of width forming dies.2) 5Nos. of different sizes of bottom/side gazette forming dies.3) 5Nos. of different sizes of length forming gear wheels.4) 2 set (4Nos) of different sizes of flexo printing stereo design rollersExtra Spares :Green Belt – 1 no. , Red belts – 1 set, Springs – 1 set,Rubber guide rolls – 1 set, Rubber paper pulling rolls – 1 set,and Tool box


Heavy Duty sturdy body structure.

The machine has automatic buzzer counting system. The user can set a number to count.

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Structure

High Carbon Blade (Teeth Blade)

Ebonite bottom Gum Roll

All Gears are SGS Iron

Motor (Siemens / Crompton / ABB)

Variable Speed A.C. Drive (Siemens)

Control Panel fitted with digital buzzer counter

Make of Bearings NTN / SKF / NBC (All Bearings are ZZ)

With all Standard Accessories Complete.

Technical Parameter

Cutting Length(C)

150-600 mm
Bag Length(H)140-580mm
Bag Width(L)100-300mm
Gusset Depth(S)0-160mm
Standard Flap(P)

Max.Speed220 Pcs/min
Paper Thickness30-100gsm
Paper Roll Width220-760mm
Max.Roll Diameter 1000 mm
Reel Inner Diameter 76 mm

Printing Color Double Color
Printing Length 340mm
Printing Width

Overprint Precision +-0.5mm
Thickness of Plate 2.84m
Total Power5 H. P