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Senior Paper Packaging Machinery Mfg. Co. was established in 1997 together by three visionaries namely Mr. Kawaljit Singh, Mr. Satinder Singh and Mr. Sarabjeet Singh Under Guidance of S.Karam Singh. The company has never looked back since that moment. Constant innovation and finding new ways to solve the problems of our clients has led us to become one of the most reliable Paper Bag Making Machine and Corrugated Box making Machines Manufacturers.  We strive to deliver optimum quality products for our clients within an affordable range and, this is the reason that we have made such rapid progress in such a short span of time.


Senior Paper Packaging Machinery Mfg. Co. is the home for all your packaging and printing solutions. We have an exquisite range of products to satisfy the different needs of our clients. The expertise of our engineers and employees has made us capable of creating products of quality that is appreciated even on the global level. This excellent quality is the reason that we are counted among the leading Paper Bag Making Machinery Manufacturers and, we have the goal of always improving our products on every parameter.

Whether it is a Paper Bag Forming Machine or Carton Box Making Machines, our inventory consists of a great variety of products. This range has helped us in becoming the preferred destination for many clients, whenever they want to buy anything related to printing and packaging industry.

Our hard-work combined with state-of-the-art technology has led us to become one of the most trusted Paper Bag making Machine Exporters and Suppliers In India. If you buy from us, the promise of quality will always be fulfilled and you don’t have to worry about the downtime. We have always retained our clients with the help of our impeccable services and outstanding customer experience. We will always maintain that quality.


The biggest asset of our company is the team that we have built over the years. All the highly skilled engineers and experienced employees have helped us in pushing the limits of quality. We know that a company is the combined effort of all its employees at all levels and that’s why our focus is always on nurturing talent. This approach has given us a reputation of always supplying premium quality products. Our Paper Bag making Machine is perfect of that standard.

Why Us

We adopt a comprehensive approach from designing to developing to quality testing at our in-house manufacturing facility. This allows us to control and set the standards of quality at each step of manufacturing. Therefore, we can assure you that every single product that goes to our facility is perfected to the last detail. This intensive method has made us one of the prominent Paper Packaging Machinery Exporters and Suppliers in India. Call now to know more.



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