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Automatic Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

Roll Feeding square bottom paper bag making machine forming the paper bag in one process from printed forming, bag formation at a stroke. This machine controls by PC programmable servo motor through the have advantages of high speed, quickly replace the paper bag specifications, more wide range adjusting.or unprinted paper roll, side gluing, folding, paper cutting, bottom folding, bottom gluing, bottom human-machine touch screen interface. It can produce various of specifications paper bags. This machine etc. It is an ideal machine for produc ing food bag & shopping bag.


Full automatic roll feeding kraft paper bag making machine.

Introduce PLC and In-touch screen human-machine interface centralized control system, with reliable performance, easy for operation and maintenance.

Equipped with Larson & Toubro (L&T) PLC for centralized control system and S ICK photocell for correction, tracking the printed material accurately, minimize the adjustmen t and preset time, increase the production efficiency.

Human oriented security protection, whole housing design, ensure the safety of operator.

Hydraulic Self Loading Reel Stand with one unwinding shaft.

Automatic constant tension control for unwinding, EPC web guider system, motor for material feeding with inverter, minimize the adjustment time for web alignment.

High speed oriented design ensure successful of production: within the suitable paper range, production capacity can reach 100- 120pcs/min, even higher, which increases the unit production capacity and gets higher profit.

Larson & Toubro (L&T) electric system, ensure better stability and reliability; perfect after sale service, trouble free for The machine can be stop automatically once out of material.

Servo motors for main feeding and bag length control Color mark tracking system. On Color error, machine will automatically shut down.

Automatic Oil Lubrication.

Paper impress, bottom folding, gluing and bag formation can be completed automatically.

Side lay working table, easy operation.

Technical Parameter

Bag Width (W) 180-305 mm
Bottom Size (H) 100- 180 mm
Bag Tube Length (C) 440-710 mm
Bag Length (L) L=C- (H-2+15 -25 )
Paper GSM 50- 150 gsm
Paper Roll Width630- 990 mm
Max.Roll Diameter 1000 mm
Reel Inner Diameter76 mm
Printing Color Four
Printing Width 940 mm
Printing Length 600 mm
Max. Printing Speed 150 pcs/min
Overprint Precision +-0.15
Thickness of Plate 2.84 mm
Total Power 14 kw